Energy Karaoke US

Energy Karaoke US

If you’re looking for a fantastic mix of both ‘Hello Kitty’ and karaoke then the Energy Karaoke bar is going to be where you’ll want to head to with your friends when you’re next on the look out for a great karaoke bar. Whilst having all your karaoke rooms based on the same theme may not appeal to everyone, it’s certainly managed to prove itself a huge success amongst its regular attendees who love having a good night out singing with friends along side a few drinks and some great food. The cutesy theme doesn’t just stop with the design of the rooms, all the meals on the menu have been designed to match so you really get the feel that you could be inside an actual episode of Hello Kitty.

One of the most popular of all of the Hello Kitty karaoke rooms is the space themed room. This room features a number of star and celestial objects painted on the wall in white on a black background. They are also painted in glow in the dark paint and some are even backlit with LEDs hidden in the wall giving the entire room the effect that you might just be looking up into the night sky. This room, along with many others, also features a hostess that can come fully dressed up as one of the characters from the popular Hello Kitty franchise. For anyone who likes the blending of themes and happens to be a fan of both Hello Kitty and space theme will definitely want to give this room a look at when searching for karaoke venues.

For those who are fans of the character, or mascot, ‘Gudetama’, they’ll be delighted with an entire room dressed up in a style that one might expect to find if Gudetama had his own bedroom. The character is plastered across all of the walls and the colour scheme of the rest of the room matches well. A great room for those looking for something that might fulfill a more niche taste than many other karaoke places might be able to.

For anyone looking for just a standard Hello Kitty room then they’ll quickly find that they’re in luck. Energy Karaoke US has a room that is dedicated to the classic look of Hello Kitty without layering in any additional themes. The style of the room is based off the clothes that Hello Kitty typically wears and the colours of the room reflect that. You’ll be greeted with wall colours which alternate between bold shades of red and blue, and even a hostess dressed up as Hello Kitty herself if that’s something you’re interested in when you decide to have a karaoke party.