How to Sing Like a Pro During Karaoke

How to Sing Like a Pro During Karaoke

If you have ever attended a karaoke event, or even watched it on TV, you probably know the pity looks that people who can’t sing get. It can even escalate to boos and being told to get off the stage. This does not mean that you need to be a professional musician for you to go for karaoke.

Tips For Singing Well

  • Choose an easy song: Do not fall into the trap of choosing a song that has a very long solo intro. That means you will be all alone singing without the backup joining in that happens at the chorus. You should also think through whether you know the words to the song, as you do not want to be mumbling cluelessly and making everything awkward.
  • Learn how to breathe: Getting up on stage can be stressful if you are not a professional performer. It is normal to be a bit nervous. When you get to the stage, do not forget to breath like a pro so that your sound is rhythmic.
  • Hold the mic right: Did you know that how you hold the mic has a great impact on how you sound? Beginners always have the mic several inches from their mouths and this distorts their entire sound. You need to hold the mic close, but not too close that your voice gets muffled.
  • Keep practising: People who perform well in karaoke are the ones who have been practising at home and with friends. You can buy a home karaoke box for regular practise so that when the time comes for you to perform in a group, you sing like a pro.

Always remember that singing karaoke should be about fun. So what if your voice was not perfect. Wait for the next time and try again. Do not let one bad incident prevent you from enjoying karaoke.